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The broken pics have all been fixed as of Feb 8th, 2011.


The Tutorials will be assuming that you are using 'GIMP' Graphic Image Manipulation Software. I use this because it is free software.  So all can follow along. I will be going through, step by step, how I created some of my 'country cottage' themed tiles with tips, concepts, and pointers along the way.

**Unless you are an advanced user or understand all of the terms below, it is strongly recommended that you download GIMP (Graphic Image manipulation Software) from http://www.gimp.org as steps I go through should not be skipped.

Terms that you will learn and we will be using:


*Layer Order



*Anti Alias

I will be assuming that you have never used Gimp and know none of the terms above.  Well, that's it for the most boring stuff.  On to....

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