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Creating the spell

First thing you will need to do is open up the Items/Magic

section under resources. Then click on the paper Icon to create a new item.

At the top under Type you will see two radio buttions click on the one next to magic, this will Idetify the item as magic and make it appear in the magic menu, you can also make a player learn a spell from the Player and Party menu. (more on this later)

Now fill out the Information, you will notice that the Invetory section is greyed out. This is because the item is a spell that can only be taught and learned and not bought.

Once you have the name and description filled out, move on to Cost to use in statistics. This section is important for magic spells, the standard is that spells require MP or Magic points( may be different in your game) to represent this you will have to place a value next to the MP section.

Next will be the individual tabs bellow, begining with Graphics/Audio

The only thing that is important here is Icon Image. Holding frams will not be useful, it is a spell, sounds and effects are purely optional, use which ever is appropiate, suggested is to place an On user sound effect, so when the spell is cast a sound will play.


Fill in this as you feel appropiate, with the following suggestions.

  1. Use time set to .05 or higher more time the longer between castings.If the spell is used from menu only then this should be left alone.
  2. Ammunition item set to (self) this eliminates have to create ammo and the player to buy ammo for the item.
  3. Ammo loss per use set to 0 this will prevent the spell from being lost when cast.
  4. Allowed usage do not check anthing here, the spell can be used from your menu any way, exeption are spells that heal, or improve stats, then check off on characters with health remaining for healing or On dead Characters for resurection types.


Should be treated like any melee weapon if the spell has an effect that uses melee ranges, Most of them won't so It might be best not to do any thing here.


Fill this out for ranged  attack spells as suggested below.

  1. Number of Projectiles set to 1 or higher.
  2. Projectile Effect you will have to make one or use an existing effect.
  3. vertical flight(px/ms) if this is left alone the spell may not hit the target (it basically travels on the ground)

The other sections are left to the user to decide, you will need to determine Speed(px/ms), Maximum Range, and Impact effects as you require.


you will need to fill this out only if the spell is equippable (whis is a requiremnet for Equipment statistics to be used) and it does damage of some sort. Standard is to give it an Attack rating for damaging spells(this will allow the spell to be used in your Damage scripts as well) any other you would have to script.


the scripts are left alone unless it is an healing spell or has an special effect. For healing spells place a script under source /used similar to the default Medic Kit.

Ressurection spells should have a script containg kill/revive Character somehwere

This covers the creation of spells.

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