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Datura's ParkDatura's Park 1.4
by Kuresu


Um velho parque abandonado de uma pequena cidade é conhecido pela história da morte de cinco crianças. O parque é fechado e nenhum outro acidente ocorre por anos, até que uma garota desaparece no parque n ...
3D infectonator3D infectonator 0.0.1

3D infectonator é um jogo em acesso antecipado,no qual seu objetivo é infectar as pessoas com seu virós zumbie,veja todo mundo se tornar um comedor de cérebros..
Jogo Totalmente em 3D isómetrico.

-Como Jogar
-Click Esquerdo do mause-(Criar ...
CubixalCubixal Beta 0.0.1
by Boblifey

The world has been destroyed into tiny pieces, its up to you to find the pieces and put them back together.

Q,E: Rotate the Cam
WASD: Move
Shift: Build Mode by (Holding and click on white fragments.)
Left Click: Destroy Block

Game ...
The Minute GamerThe Minute Gamer
by epsilon017

Have you wanted to play a game for only a moment, but can't put it down and feel satisfied? Or perhaps you're tired of having to learn a bunch of complex controls and parameters? Well look no further! The Minute Gamer is a compilation of various " ...
Stuffed animals
by hmedema

Your guy is stuffed animal Santa. your job is to get out of the store.
and get to another store to save another stuffed animal named Grandma Cass.
and to defeat the evil robber who steels every stuffed animal he sees.
and the most evilest guy on t ...
the adventures of vain
by hmedema

you go on a long journey to defeat the evil robber. and you also help your dad for a lot of stuff. you also go to a castle to save your mom. you have to save your brother to. ...
Skeleton Lair
by hmedema

A 100 year old warehouse is taken over by skeletons. The skeletons are angry with the owner of the warehouse because when the skeletons were living people they worked at the warehouse and hated the owner. ...
Light and Darkness v0.4
by hmedema

Go on adventure to destroy the Demon King Meteor and help the mayor get the key to the castle back!On this long journey you can collect many items and powers! ...
Life or Jashulokowa Demo v0.1
by InsaneToe

This is currently a short DEMO! Nowhere near done or anything. It's simply used to show some people the game.

This is a text based game. You will choose how you will survive from the before the apocalypse until after. You choose whether you live o ...
Zombie Survival game
by Rico

This is the spot where the zombie survival game I'm making will be put, all details posted here will change once I am ready to upload the game........................................... ...
Project 3D CraftProject 3D Craft
by Taytchu Gamer

First Alpha of what can turn out a great Project.
Project 3D Craft - Obviously a failed imitation of Minecraft. But it's just an Alpha, wait for updates.

Primeiro Alpha do que pode virar um grande Projeto.
Project 3D Craft ...
LineArtLineArt 1.0.0
by Taytchu Gamer


Make art with lines, just by wiggling your mouse.

Not recommended for very weak computers

You can do beautiful things, and it can make even more beautiful while listening to your favorite music and letting go of your imagination.

by MRey

RAIN|FALL is an original, indie 2D adventure game in which every decision you make, in-game or in dialogue has consequences and change the story. Instead of pointing-and-clicking, you walk around the scenes with arrows or WASD.

You can get to know ...
Sanction of the DeadSanction of the Dead v1.1
by EFFEKTrecords

Genre: Horror

This game is based off of an old abandoned school called "Apollo High School" located in Burlington, IA. It is a school that is here in my town that is noted as one of the most haunted-est places due to it bein built on a Indian buri ...
Random Dungeon Generator (RDG)Random Dungeon Generator (RDG) v1.2
by RamchuK_Ntertainment

The Ramchuk Entertainment Games Team (REGT) presents a showcasing of an exclusive 001 Game Creator (0GC) Random Dungeon Generator (RDG) currently in early development. All users are welcome to try. For more information or to leave a comment/suggestio ...
Raise an Epic Crab! ~Public Access~Raise an Epic Crab! ~Public Access~ Demo: 0.2.9
by Merlin_Kalkinput

"Raise an epic Crab! is all about feeding your crab and making him more and more epic. No story, just getting a more awesome pet"

See forum for more information. ...
hitman and the clones
by weighell

in this rpg game you play a hitman who is new to the job but there is more going on then meets the eyes fight the clone army of other hit men groups and make more money than your 9-5 i still have a lot to do as the art work and flow of game goes i ho ...
Purple HybridPurple Hybrid
by Scaveleon

Purple Hybrid is an Original English Visual Novel.

It is also a Kinetic Novel, which means that the it doesn't interact with the player, there are no game-play choices and the story is set in stone. The game focuses on storyline and character inte ...
DrillerDriller GG Maker 1.015
by reaper2259

Driller is a 2D Top Down mining game where you play as a mining tank beneath the surface of the earth, the goal is to mine ores and get as many points as possible before being destroyed by the enemies.

Use W,A,S,D or Arrow keys to move.
Use Exit, ...
by Noob


Tell me if you want me to finish this project, if I'm walking to the right direction...
It's the story of an orphan raised in a bloody place with tons of mystery ...
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