PSI:CO :: DEMO v0.11

by Tabula Rasa (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Action RPG
This game contains Drugs, Violence, Blood, Mature or Offensive Language.

Game Description

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Uploaded: Demo v0.11 quickfix
* Fixed levelup bug where game would remain paused once finished.
* Fixed bug where weapons would not be properly removed once sewer level was finished.
* Fixed bug where mission log would not properly update.
* Added stereo in apartment.

The Story: About 30-50 years from now, a group of superpowered humans called PSIs(pronounced S-Eye-s) are revealed. No one really knows how long they have been around, but some experts esimate that it could be as far back as the 1980s. So these people, these PSIs are constantly met with hostility, so much so that a company is started in their favor, PSI:CO, owned and operated by a man of the name Baron von Klaust. The whole purpose of PSI:CO was to provide a place to live or PSIs uder persecution, to keep them away from normal people. The actual execution of it, however, was much different. The place is run like a prison, like a workhouse, where every single PSI is being put to work to profit for PSI:CO, and PSI:CO alone has been the number one proprietor of advanced technology, mysteriously releasing products 50 years ahead of their time.

And every 5 years, a PSI is harvested for the natural element he produces within his body, called PSIk.

You play Dax, (male or female, with a player-generated name.), an orphan who works at PSI:CO's Saga City Branch, (one of PSI:CO's more notorious branches. He has made friends with some of the other PSIs there, such as Col, a cryokinetic who has saved Dax's life on multiple occasions, and Nora, an amnesiac technopath with a heart of gold.

Together, you will find a way to take back your lives and bring PSI:CO to it's knees.

New gameplay features include:
* Tiered-PSI system with special abilities.
* Custom Level System with distributable points.
* Better Interface
* Mission Objectives with Mission Log
* Flashlights
* Better Graphics
* Sound Effects
* Player Personality and Speech, yes, your choices will affect how your character sounds.
* And more are currently in development.

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Released: April 25, 2011, 18:35
Total downloads: 340.
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Nils Kiherman: very good job i love your demo man keep it up

noeneto123: Sistemas muito bons jogo bem divertido, meus parabens! =)