Endless Sands :: v1.700

by Koutacles (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Platformer
This game contains Blood.

Game Description

You've spent many years combing the desert for the elusive town of Shezumty, said to have unearthed a crypt mysteriously lost from thousands of years ago. You've finally found Shezumty, but who knows what dangers - and treasures - are below...

A roguelite game where you try to survive and grab as much loot as you can before you escape. Use your hard-earned money on stat boosts and powerful items.

-Rooms constantly get harder (and loot gets better) as you spend time in them
-Mix and match equipment system
-A hidden boss that drops loads of loot
-Item set bonuses - aim for a whole set or mix and match!
-Local high score system

-More items, weapons and effects
-More hidden areas
-Offhand items
-More enemy and scenery variety

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Released: August 20, 2016, 23:47
Total downloads: 284.
Users downloaded: 228

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