Dungeon Ace

by tower07 (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Point and Click Adventure
This game contains Mischief.

Game Description

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Dungeon Ace is an RPG originally for the RPG Four Digits competition.
You wander around a dungeon looking for items to help you solve puzzles and quests and you travel higher and higher...

WASD or Arrow Keys to move.
Space to check your map.
Shift to open the crafting menu.
Enter to select things on menus, and to mark places on the map.
Backspace in the Crafting menu to remove a selected item.

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Released: July 31, 2012, 15:33
Total downloads: 306.
Users downloaded: 247

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MrRichard: I like games with this perspective. Very close to some of the first FPS RPGs.

MrPoonTangs: The idea was pretty cool, and the gameplay was great for the only first person rpg I have seen on 001. However, my one critique is to add some different floor and wall textures, so it is easier to navigate and remember where you have been.

Wiregamedev: It's an interesting concept and the game itself looks special and different for a 001 Map. I enjoyed it but it needs more extra content.

falcon: The game is not bad but , try to another textures because i became lost in the game

Jegar: Very Nice, but getting lost is a really bad issue.

Zwitfire: Very original. It's very hard to track where you are since everything looks exactly the same. I like the idea and what you've done with; especially your crafting system. a 6 is the highest I can give you for this, for the originality.