Ball Bouncer :: v1

by Mr.Numbers (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Puzzle
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Game Description

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This is a free to play game brought to you by Mr.Numbers Productions.

The goal of the game is very simple, using your mouse bounce the ball from the start to the finish. Though this sounds easy enough some levels may be fairly difficult at first to complete.

These are the different obstacles in game which will either aid you, or kill you while playing:
- Lava
- Angles
- Balls
- Color Changers
- Color-Blocking walls (Must be the same color to pass through)
- Falling out of the map
- Wormholes
- Coins

Your final score is determined by how many times you bounce off of the wall, and how many coins are collected. Once the game is beaten, you are then given the option to send your Score to the leaderboard and see how well you did against everyone else who played!

Current Version: v1
Levels: 20

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Released: April 16, 2013, 14:30
Total downloads: 405.
Users downloaded: 330

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xboxown: Addicting game! Fun to play with!

tonywelch15: great fun would like to see some new stuff

AnvilHouse: Great physics! Can't wait for updates!

Tabula Rasa: Intuitive design, simple to learn, difficult to master. My only complaint is that it really takes more dumb luck than skill, since it's really impossible to know where the ball is going to go past the first two bounces. Addicting, and a great game for the casual market.

falcon: wow men :D no words, it is a 10

SBG: Good game, amazing scripting

ThroneKing939: Amazing game! ...the physics are realistic and the graphics are awesome, the gameplay is a bit 1 dimentional since you only click once then watch the ball bounce but the game is still fun and deserves a 9!

ITB: Could have been a bit longer. Would make a great mobile game I think. Amazing scripting.

Gr1m-99: Cool but lacks the fun factor.

creativeminds: I havn't seen a game like this on 001.. Love it!

kcsqq2: Ball bouncing is boring.