Map001 v1.010.008 - v1.010.009 (Updated 1 time)

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Map001 v1.010.008 - v1.010.009 (Updated 1 time)

Postby Mike » Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:20 pm

It's been six months, and there's been a lot of bugs lingering for a while. Not a lot of new features are being released out of subscription beta, so that is why we're still on major version 10.

-Fixed not being able to switch holding items in sprite editor.
-Fixed crash when importing a sprite that doesn't have default clothing setup properly.
-Fixed crash and incorrect assignment of default clothing under certain circumstances.
-Fixed not changing body color based on default body color.
-Fixed not being able to set (None) to actors' clothing.
-Fixed problems with importing and/or updating resources already in projects.
-Fixed "Reload Sound FX" option for items from not saving.
-Fixed crash when right-clicking script editor while there was a "%" symbol on the clipboard.
-Fixed erasing collision data when deleting a pose or direction of a sprite.
-Made "Node Color" option in the sprite editor not bring up useless color picking dialog.
-Fixed map corruption when changing reward items of actors that have inherited reward items from their parent actor template.
-Fixed shoe sprites in "Action/RPG (MS Paint)" template.
-Made placing holding points on a flat sprite offset the Z axis by 8 units, as it's a fairly typical value to avoid bullets colliding into the ground immediately.
-Made "Visualize Layers" have 3 states so that you can make unrelated layers completely invisible rather than semi-transparent.
-Made creating new sprites default to "(None)" and actually enabling the "OK" button.
-Added "Display this window before testing game." option in the testing options to give the user the option to display the testing options before testing.
-Fixed "this" from not displaying anything in the graphical script editor for events/use values involving actor variables.
-Fixed importing incorrect number of frames when adding image strips to sprite editor.
-Fixed CPU consumption while editing a graphic or sound.
-Fixed CPU consumption with a work around from web control after Microsoft released some updates.

-Fixed screen flickering when using the "Optimize Resources" tool.
-Fixed restriction on only being able to delete the last party member.
-Made it warn the user that they should use the "Share Script" option instead, when using Print Screen key in the graphical script editor.
-Added icons for actors and fields.
-Added options to enable/disable displaying of holding points and collision in sprite editor.
-Added options to enable/disable displaying of icons and zones/blocking in map editor.
-Made placing fields a bit more explicit by making a button for each field representation type.
-Added comment objects which can be placed on maps to add arbitrary text to map for development sake.

-Fixed crash when editing map properties of a 3D/side view map in the non-subscription version.
-Fixed "Against Wall" upper tiles from reacting poorly against lower tiles in non-45 camera views.
-Made projects have a "Cursor" input set instead of clicking triggers in each input set to fix a few minor design problems.
-Added "Scaling Workshop" which allows you to take many art assets and make them proportionally sized.

-Fixed character actor templates to be team Neutral instead of team Bad.
-Added line map drawing tool.
-Added circle map drawing tool.

-Fixed incorrectly displaying some Yes/No parameters as 1/0 in the graphical script editor.
-Made the pencil tool not skip tiles when drawing quickly.
-Fixed actor variable listing in graphical scripter from not displaying things for party members.
-Made map/interface/actor variable listing in graphical scripter display all existing variables when there's the object is unknown, for maps/interfaces re-saved with the latest version.

-Fixed map/interface/actor variable listings in graphical scripter from writing the same effective variable more than once.
-Fixed many bugs with map drawing tools.
-Fixed mouse cursor glitch when loading map/interface for first time.
-Made speakers and lights show their circle radius.
-Fixed previewing sounds and music in the graphical scripter.
-Added filled circle map drawing tool.

-Fixed mass deleting of sounds/music.
-Added built-in help file.
-Added the pointer map tool, with the ability to drag-and-drop objects and the ability to resize fields, zones, blocking and the radius of lights/speakers.

-Added option to include sounds/music in bug reports, to greatly improve time it takes to send a bug report.
-Fixed slight pixel glitches in sprite editor.
-Fixed being able to create a new project in Demos/Examples folder if choosing "New Game..." from "File" menu.
-Made it warn when there are no party members that are set to be the first player.
-Fixed crash when clicking on empty listing of sounds/music and custom events editors.
-Made it show tooltips for trigger lists.
-Made actor window and item resource editor load up quicker.
-Fixed default inn interface to properly fade out and limit the played music up to 5 seconds.
-Fixed duplicating or creating a new map and not being able to use some of the menues and scroll wheel functionality.
-Fixed crash when editing a node that's a custom event, when the number of parameters have been reduced.
-Fixed crash when decreasing the starting level of party members without also changing the last level.
-Added "Last Attacked" actor use value that returns the last actor that attacked the selected actor.
-Added "Last Damaged" actor use value that returns the last actor that the selected actor attacked.

-Fixed error when there is no party when using the "party" actor.
-Fixed not being able to put collections into variables.
-Fixed unchecked "Update Real-Time" from not updating at least the first time like it should.

-Fixed error when there is no field currently selected when using "Selected Field's Value" use value.
-Fixed incorrectly issuing experience to dead party members.
-Made loading maps with no terraformation or liquids load considerably faster.

-Fixed crash when attempting to move a player when there's not a first player.
-Fixed "Size X/Y/Z" map use value from being off by 32 pixels.
-Fixed occasional rendering artifacts with non-multiple of 4 pixel sprites.

-Fixed rendering issues of fields in an interface that has camera view fields.
-Fixed scripting errors in items when restarting/loading the game.
-Fixed not being able to go to a map/interface that started or ended with spaces if using the flexible text legacy option.
-Fixed problems with loading game when using special view fields.
-Fixed local collections and actor loops.

-Fixed playing game with no active party members.
-Fixed crash when using an array with Retrieve Value.
-Fixed statistic/equipment icons from being lost.
-Fixed "Position X" and "Position Y" graphic retrieve values from being ignored.
-Made scripting errors in fields and input sets be far more descriptive.

-Fixed multiple players from not having their input sets properly destructed when deactivated.
-Fixed input sets that have non-named controls to no longer be triggered for each player.
-Fixed crash when referencing objects from other maps within loading screen when loading game.
-Fixed crash when loading a game with triggers inside party members.
-Fixed negation operator for non-constants from not working properly.
-Fixed "Call By Name" use value.

-Fixed "Call By Name" for never having been able to work with local or parameter variables.
-Fixed "Input Options" in built games.
-Added support for alternative icon sizes, especially those required by certain handheld platforms.
-Made a pop-up window for adding triggers so that it is more visual, better organized and descriptions/icons included.
-Made trigger lists use icons.
-Made built games no longer stop a script if it is slow, but rather, let the system have resources long enough for the player to force close the game.
-Fixed problems with terraformations.

-Fixed crash when saving after loading a game with an interface that has a graphic reference that is not visible.
-Fixed fields that transition through effect for fractions.
-Fixed crash when an enemy drops an excessively large amount of items.
-Fixed Targeted X/Y/Z (X/Y/Z) use values from not working properly on offset camera view fields.
-Fixed saving/loading problems when there are Delay events pending.

-Fixed crash when attempting to use "Duration" option with local variables or parameters and made it produce a scripting error instead.
-Fixed "Duration" option from bleeding into other events when a scripting error occurs.
-Made dynamic triggers (actors, zones, fields) perform considerably faster when using constant values for certain parameters.
-Fixed pressing Alt key causing game to temporarily freeze until Alt key is pressed again.
-Fixed not being able to reference an interface with spaces with the flexible references legacy option.
-Fixed crash when using AI in a game with a corrupted sprite collision.
-Fixed "Play Custom Pose" and "Start/Stop Custom Post" events from ending sooner than anticipated.
-Made corrections to beginner tutorial.
-Added tile variability of offset, color, flipping and rotating of tiles.
-Added events and use values for changing sound/input/detail options.
-Added visualizing the device being emulated (useful for taking videos/screenshots).
-Made it error when using emulation with a resolution that is too high.
-Added "Play Sprite" interface event to play sprite sequences inside interfaces, with options to place them above or below fields.
-Added PVRTC support (texture compression for iOS).
-Added "Edit Compression" option to sprite editor.
-Fixed misnamed file system events.
-Added "Execute Shell Command" event.
-Added debugger.
-Added table/collection editing.
-Added text height (font size) option to field editor.
-Added size mode option for the field editor to be able to specify width, height and text height options in inches instead of pixels, which will make it scale based on the handheld device the game is played on.
-Added "Display standard main menu." option so that subscribers can remove the start-up main menu from their games.
-Added trigger work table.
-Added "Delete Table Row", "Sort Table Row", "Find in Table", "Table Axis Loop" and "Table Loop" events and use values.
-Added "Actor Enters Proximity" and "Actor Leaves Proximity" triggers that go off when an actor of a certain template gets within proximity of an actor.
-Added "Random Possibilities" math use value that returns a value from a set of random possibilities.
-Added "Switch" and "Choose" structure use values that return a value based on parameters.
-Added "Opposite Direction", "Clockwise", "Counter-Clockwise" and "Direction Point X/Y" geometry use values.
-Added "Pad Left/Right/Centered" and "Text Repeat Count" text use values.

-Fixed crash when creating a map from the Maps folder.
-Fixed crash when there's a cursor sprite condition for triggers.
-Fixed scripting error in "Tower Defense" demo.


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Re: Map001 v1.010.008

Postby JamX » Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:16 am

Yay, I can now use actor loops again. xD

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Re: Map001 v1.010.008

Postby Wonderland » Sat Nov 03, 2012 5:21 am

Hell yeah! Thanks Mike!

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Re: Map001 v1.010.008 - v1.010.009

Postby Mike » Mon Nov 05, 2012 4:32 pm

-Fixed crash when creating a map from the Maps folder.
-Fixed crash when there's a cursor sprite condition for triggers.
-Fixed scripting error in "Tower Defense" demo.

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Re: Map001 v1.010.008 - v1.010.009 (Updated 1 time)

Postby K-Pone » Tue Nov 06, 2012 4:44 pm

Wow, has been some time since I last used 001. Many changes and fixes happened. Finally, I got a job now, so, I think I have some more time now to come here more frequently.
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