Endless Sands

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Endless Sands v1.70
-Improved performance
-The ring store is now open to everybody!

Endless Sands v1.63
-Fixed a few visual glitches
-Player now has an effect to make it more obvious when you are hurt

Endless Sands v1.61
-Hearts now show health properly
-Fixed item set glitches

Endless Sands v1.60:
-Added a new item set, Tinkerer
-Rebalanced many current items
-Added "Pocket Holes", hidden doors to bonus areas
-Added many new item effects
-Added Item Set Bonuses, wear a whole set for them
-Added monster drops, sell em or gamble them
-Fixed many bugs

Endless Sands v1.51:
-Fixed some enemies doing only 1 damage
-Fixed Intensities not resetting per run

Endless Sands v1.50:
-Added gear that can be bought from stores
-Added an unlockable store
-Fixed some errors
-Changed the dungeon a bunch
-Updated enemy behaviours

Endless Sands v1.1:
-Added enemy gibs on death
-Braziers now push you off them
-Fixed some minor oddities

Endless Sands v1.00:
Welcome to your doom!