This subscription service was made as a way for us to include premium features into 001, that would otherwise be too expensive for us to handle on our own. We accept that not everyone can pay for it. But we expect that those who can, should;just as we've given hours of our time for years and more to come.

Subscription-Only Features

Current Subscription Features in Beta

Premium Benefits

Mobile Development Beta

At this time, iOS and Android development is limited to testing only. There is no guarantee that it will function with your device. Please see system requirements for more details. Apps cannot be released during this beta phase. There is no guarantee self-publishing will ever become available (though the intent is there).

Unsubscribing Fine Print

You may unsubscribe from the subscription panel at any time - this will not end your subscription prematurely. You may continue to use the software (for profit) even after your subscription expires; however, the software will lose some functionality (details vary) automatically once your subscription were to expire naturally.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied and would like a refund, you may do so without questions within 15 days of your purchase. Keep in mind, the software will lose functionality immediately.


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Keep in mind that even though your subscription is over, you can always have access to the last version you got.



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