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SwordmanSwordman Demo

Swordman é um jogo de luta 2D ação,lute contra bandidos,fazendeiros,orcs e robôs do mal.
os inimigos tem animação,dormindo e braços pro alto. você pode se esquivar de ataques ou atacar antes,mapa inicial tem tamanho mediano.
este jogo inclu ...
Derek the Flightless Duck!Derek the Flightless Duck! 1.1
by Wonderland

You are Derek, the duck that was born without the ability to fly. As such, you usually don't migrate in the winter like the others. But you've been mocked for that. Now, after the other ducks left for this year, you decide that you should try and mak ...
Interstellar RocketeerInterstellar Rocketeer :: Alpha 0.4
by Kilatorian

Interstellar Rocketeer is a space adventure full of foreign worlds, killer aliens and robots. A variety of weapons, tools, and a spaceship are all at your disposal.

<temporary on hold> ...
SUPER 7 GRAND DAD: Ultimate BoogalooSUPER 7 GRAND DAD: Ultimate Boogaloo Version 2.5
by Wire

Grand Dad is back and this time the adventure comes to your computer!
Mary Pizza Pop is back and this time he wants to turn the world into a Pizzeria world order! Only the Grandiest of Dads can stop this Pizza maniac!

-Bad Translation!
-4 new le ...
Jason Lauper's Building ActionJason Lauper's Building Action :: Demo Almost DONE
by Grisson

Jason is a great Designer, one of the best in town, and also known by making justice on his own way, that is kinda violent... Which made the police also become a kind-of enemy for Jason. One day, Jason was on his apartment and heard a lot of noises c ...
Maxcraft - New Upgrade 6Maxcraft - New Upgrade 6 :: 7.14 V 0.6
by docmine

Maxcraft is a 2D platform game inspired by Minecraft, After Years without Update (and I also lost the Source Code) I am releasing an Update with the game totally Remaked, in this update I bring with many blocks and sprites new and totally new menus, ...
by cabrali

Jogo casual de probabilidade, você deve encontrar a saida do mundo digital atravez de portais criada pela matrix, é onde a probabilidade entra voce deve ter sorte e nao ficar confuso, por que ao mesmo tempo você tera que fujir dos pixels do mal e ...
Ao Som do K-PoP 2 Exodus2016 COMPLETOAo Som do K-PoP 2 Exodus2016 COMPLETO 2.1
by cabrali

Vem ai um novo "Ao Som do K-PoP" tema 2 Exodus, com muito mais musicas e novidades. Ao som do K-PoP é um jogo de musica baseado no "StepMania" ótimo para quem ja é fã do Step e tambem para K-PoPpers fã da cultura sul coreana na área da musica p ...
Fungi FrolicFungi Frolic 1.0
by Koutacles

Take on a series of enchanting puzzle-platformer challenges, then make your own! Explore a 10-level campaign of increasing difficulty that also teaches you the fun interactions between objects!

Coming soon: the level editor! Make and share your ow ...
Endless SandsEndless Sands v1.700
by Koutacles

You've spent many years combing the desert for the elusive town of Shezumty, said to have unearthed a crypt mysteriously lost from thousands of years ago. You've finally found Shezumty, but who knows what dangers - and treasures - are below...

A r ...
Jump StyleJump Style :: 0.1
by johnbulliner

jump style is a platformer game where you are a ball, by colliding with orbs you get their their power and make your way to the finish zone.

blue - bounce: gives you the ability to bounce and reach higher places
green - teleportation: us ...
Marshmallow Boy's Tiny AdventureMarshmallow Boy's Tiny Adventure v1.0
by Save_us.222

Play as Marshmallow Boy and navigate through Chocolate Mountains, Peppermint Slopes, and Cotton Candy Plains! Includes 15 levels and a full soundtrack. Don't lose any lives for a bonus ending!

Arrow keys or WASD for running and jumping
Battle of Game :: Full Game v 8.85
by Mike Stephen

Ignore it: This is a plataformer game. This is a plataformer game. This is a plataformer game. This is a plataformer game. This is a plataformer game. This is a plataformer game. ...
Youtuber ClashYoutuber Clash Alpha V0.2
by Bruno coelho

Bem, a ideia é simples. Comecei um canal no Youtube, e estou fazendo um jogo de aventura/plataforma com vários youtubers Brasileiros com o intuito de popularizar ainda mais o canal deles e o meu.
O Jogo está apenas no inicio, então esperem por b ...
ARSSSARSSS Version: 1.0
by A+D Ga mes

Description: ARSSS(A Really $H!TTY Side-Scroller) is a hilarious new platformer created by A & D Games. The game takes place in a crappy world full of bad jokes and stinky enemies. The gameplay is like most platformer games, but with custom made musi ...
Super Mario VidecajeSuper Mario Videcaje Full version
by Taytchw

Jogue agora esse jogo incrivel do super mario criado pelo 001.
Mesmo sendo uma imitação ele tem coisas que você não vai encontrar em nem um outro super mario!! (Aviso por calsa de um BUG você terá que abrir o jogo duas vezes para jogar) ...
New Super Duper MarioNew Super Duper Mario v0.1
by Koutacles

Join Mario and friends as they hark back to the days of Super Mario Bros 3, with a few new surprises waiting for them..

-3 hidden collectible coins per level for the completionist
-Fully recreated SMB3 map screen!
-Inventory system for powerups ...
Shadow Puzzle
by AXS_P

Apenas um teste para os autorizados. Shadow Puzzle não será um jogo para quem procura facilidades, mas sim aqueles que procuram um grande desafio. O primeiro nível não está tão difícil, mas com as atualizações chegarão novos níveis até a ...
Super Duper Mario (Classic) :: 8.7 Demo 4
by Koutacles

A platform game in Mario style - unfinished.

Please, visit the forum topic to keep updated on the new version. This new version will use the features of the lastest 001 version! ...
OutlandsOutlands :: 8.83 Game V 1.00
by Jegar

The gates opened. The line held, and held, and held.

It was not long before it fell. So many lost.

Through the gates they move, like roaches.

We must reestablish the line.

-Decent collection of weapons
-Var ...
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