Wolf Hunt :: 2.2

by metomunc (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Action RPG
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Game Description

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Version 2.0 Released! (Multiple endings)

You are Edger the woodcutter. All is going well in your life until a mysterious wizard shows up at your door and sends you after his evil twin brother who is trying to wreck the kingdoms of Albridge and Darklan.

What does this game have to do with wolves? Play it and find out!

Cool Features:
- Carry out quests in forests, on high mountains, in castles, in caves/caverns, and underwater.
- Over 70 highly interactive maps.
- Use ships to sail to small islands
- Two towns (three fortresses)
- One hidden camp.
- Almost 100 custom weapons/items
(with sound)
- Magic
- Melee
- Ranged
- Three sides to fight for/against:
- Darklan Dragon Knights
- Albridge Royal Knights
- Rebel Foresters
- Special hidden zones:
- Rock Concert
- Final Fantasy Zone
- Fight hostile animals
- Rock rabbits
- Hawks/falcons
- orcs
- Yetis
- Glomes
- Stone Spiders
- Brown Spiders
- Giant Spiders
- Bats
- Inklings
- Slime monsters
- Lorefangs (wolf head + bear body)
- Sqwakers (long-legged birds)
- Dragons

Music by:
- All by metomunc or Nabuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy Zone)

(Version 1.1 does not include all the quests or any of the three endings)

Please let me know about ANY problems, glitches, requests or other hobnob that you find in the above thread. And explain your ratings that you give this and any other games.

This game contains some high resolution images. You may want to adjust the video settings if you have a small graphics card.

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Released: October 8, 2008, 5:11
Total downloads: 4369.
Users downloaded: 3225

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AznaThira: A game that is truly one of a kind, even in comparison to most retail games it is still unique.

zachary0119: I liked mostly everything about this game. I just get stuck if I die and cannotbeat anything with my lowered health and money.

noeneto123: Jogo muito bom excelente desde o começo parabéns receba minha nota: 10.

Sisselpud: Awesome! Played it a while ago but still the best on the website! Metomunc ftw! :) Keep up the good work!

Zwitfire: Very nice game!

wesleyssouza: Muito bom.Very good

xboxown: THE BEST GAME ever!!! Truly the coolest game ever to be played. Just find the monsters to be VERY HARD and you get game over a lot.

Wulfgar: Man, I remember when this game first came out, after a few years I decided to come back to Engine001 and, much nalstalgia, just, in-meh-face!

Darkvoid: Not only does this game have excellent graphics, it's gameplay is excellent and is very enjoyable. I like how there is a lot to do in this game and has good replay value. The story could be better though - but it does fit in with the style of a traditional RPG so it's all good. 9/10

crazymadness: A great adventure, a great overworld, a great story, great characters, great quests, great graphics... is there anything to complain about?

Tabula Rasa: A humourous take on traditional RPGs. Great!

Samulis: Great game! The custom graphics were very well done and I think that, although the plot was not the most interesting, the game was fun.

ZacMan110: Awesome game...You must have worked very hard on it! I give it a 10... I couldn't beat it because my computer is slow...but it was still good

YahooHatesLiana: Great game...awesome custom graphics!

sonic swordmaster: Excellent game strory is great graphics are well done and the maps were well thought out. lots of attention to detail. but I wasn't able to beat it because of an error where a door would open but I could not get past it.

sam123: This game shows what What engine001 can realy do its super!

Cyber Crimson: Great game ! But there is some bugs in several places.

Eclectic gaming: Very good and clever. It really is a brilliant example of what can be done with 001engine. Honestly great. One thing though, in the tutorial level when you have to shoot the bats across the magma, it is a bit difficult to see them. Apart from that, really good.

11th Hour: Very well done!! Except the pan camera in the training cave doesn't work.

Deminus_001: Great Game! I really liked the treasure hidden by the pirates in Krin Island, helped me so much! Cool Graphix! Like in Great Mountain! But, im stucked in the Dead Mountain even i killed Velgrim and got the magic dagger. BTW i'll give it to a 8!

Pipo96: Really awesome enjoy playing it however where do you do the spells again? For the riddles and such

Piyan Glupak: Very nice, although I did get stuck.

paciulli: It's a good game, Cool history and graphics, phases are good but I don't have too much fun with it...

AudioFreak: Not finished yet, but the story seem nice enough. The graphics are not bad, but they could use more terraformation, especially for the grass and road tiles.

DemoticAngel: AWESOME GAME!!! A must download for any rpg lover! not finished yet but stuck on a glitch. otherwise THE BEST!!1

RPGCreator: Great, but a few glitches.

skullboy99: Very nice indeed. 7

Karisade: A detailed, engaging, vast world of adventure. Difficulty level is a little high in several places though, especially near the beginning.

Wonderland: Lots of potential and a good start for the engine, but also really buggy.

gaming germans: crazymadness says,"Is there anything to complain about?" The answer is yes! There are errors all over, not being able to access the rock after death, being locked in the archives, dying at the end of training and not being able to revive. There are also frequent spelling errors (although that doesn't effect my rating just pointing it out). I give this, mainly because of the errors a 6. If I thought it was simply an OK game and not a great game, I would probably give it a 4, sorry if I'm being rude and lengthy, if the errors disappear I will give it a 9.

robobotrover: The game won't play on my laptop.....

Tehufn: good, but I keep getting stuck...

bravedogbfg: This game has potential, but is full of bugs and frustrating. I played a bit and here are the issues I had. 1 - rocks, not enough of them. 2. Not enough easy enemies. How am I supposed to save money in this game if I lost it all when I die? 3. I got stuck in the library with an invisible wall - quit. Iron out the problems and I will try it again. But not until there is improvement.

Luvmeister: Im just getting stuck all the time