Shmalloween :: 4

by Fireleaf (PM)

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Game Language: English
Game Category: Action RPG
This game contains Violence.

Game Description

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Shmallow and the Spooks of Shmalloween (Shmalloween for short) is the first epic adventure featuring Shmallow, a man made of magical marsh mellows who lives in the vast woodzas.

An pack of halloween spooks lead by an ever so evil villian try to take all the marsh mellows from the woodzas leaving Shmallow and his fellow marsh-mellow-subsiding woodza-dwellers at odds.

Shmallow must set out on an epic adventure to find the source of evil that has taken root in his beloved home whilst gathering and filling his ever-growing quota of marsh mellows.

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TheRunner: TIs a good game man

civilwarrock: Nicly Done, Great Game! =D

Aut: Good game. And very good graphics)

minato: Very nice game, I enjoyed it

xboxown: An excellent game but I felt that it was too short!!

Evil Epic Guy: Amazing game! I love all the graphics and sound. Also it's funny how shmallow talks.

patatoface: loved the graphics, story and gameplay... shame i'm not very good at playing it XD

Lee: Good use of sound effects and music. Custom graphics were great and it all really went together quite nicely!

ITB: Very good use of particle graphics and amazing gameplay! Well done my friend.

2cool4me4: Great job! I should download this again.

robobotrover: Gteat game! Can't wait for the sequel.

Kazz_: Muito bom, gráficos ótimos e sons de efeitos bem usados, parabêns!

Wonderland: Creative with a nice art style and good gameplay.

Zorc: Nice game i liked the sound effects and the character graphics the most ^^

xWar_and_Piecex: It seems a little...repedative. All your doing is killing pumpkins. Did I miss something? Maybe I didn't play it enough, perhaps? IDK.

crazymadness: Nice game. Loved collecting shmallows. My only complain is that it seems way too small.

coffeennicotine: High production values all around. However, short in length at the time of this rating...

sonic swordmaster: An excellent game but I felt that it was too short

11th Hour: Very good story, graphics, the marshmallow partical generation, and the pumpkin; but it's a tad to short. You should make a sequel and call it something like Shmallow: and the horrors of shmallowmas(Christmas)

ashburp: nice game play dynamics and fun factor. also, i like the multiple attack/guard abilities along with the skill system. the only minor complaint is that some maps were a little dark. that didn't spoil the fun though

falcon: It is a good game but there is something missing.

Camsandwich: Great game. A bit grindy, but good, especially since everything is custom. Not only that, but the theme is very original! Unfortunately my rating suffers with the grind!

tuliron: Very original and fun

Lidemberg Sousa: Very good, it is good man!

EFFEKT: I like the gamplay and the ffects effects...