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by FacialXpression (PM)

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Game Language: English
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This game contains Alcohol, Drugs, Violence, Blood, Mature or Offensive Language, Nudity or Sex.

Game Description

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You are Zack. You got three friends, Carl, Brian and Ryan. Your friends come up with the great idea to create a gang. Only to stop the dope sellers, prostutution and etc. So, you have to do a lot of missions, to get new weapons and stuff.

-Awesome flashlight
-Many ways of customization
-Many missions
-Tune up cars
-Add numbers to your cellphone/PDA, and call them later!
-Date girls
-Win suff at the Web inside the game, like cars, weapons etc.

When you go to for example the resturant, out side it will be a sign with the resturants number on it. You can add this to your PDA or phone, and call them up later. This also include the following:

-Prostitutes (even though you try to get rid of them you can "use" them)
-Hospital (for healing. Still, it cost 100$)
-Garage (fix up your car, or fill up gas)
-Resturant (reserve a table before a date to score more points)

If you buy a laptop (portable computer), you can check your e-mail, get numbers, buy items, download music and more on the Web. You currently can download 10 songs. E-mail is often updated when you do more missions. You will get mails from different people, like getting them stuff, and you can win stuff, like cars, weapons etc.

The Gym is the place to train up your body. Jump the trampoline, punch the attack dummy and lift weitghts to increase strenght. You will unlock the Gym when you have done 'round 5 missions.

Customization includes tatoos, shirts, piercing, necklaces, pants, shoes etc. Whenever you go to the hairdresser, clothesstore and tatto artist, your clothes, tatoo and hair are reset to the regular one. You clothes and hair can be changed in the wardrobe. Clothes will be added here when you buy them.

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