Having problems making or testing your game?

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Having problems making or testing your game?

Postby Mike » Tue Sep 26, 2006 8:36 pm

1. Please try using the 'Search' feature at the top. Most likely, the question has already been answered.

2. Please also read our documentation and tutorials up there. If you feel it is missing something, don't hesitate to contribute a tutorial or a whole documentation section :).

3. By all means, please ask questions. But PLEASE, use subjects that pertain to the question. Please refrain from using "um", "please help", "how do i", and ESPECIALLY "hey mike and pierre". It just makes it easier for everyone. The forum is dedicated to questions and problems, so putting in the subject that you have a problem, isn't really helpful :).

4. Please wait at least two days before bumping a question. I do check the forum frequently, but I can't always respond to questions quickly. Please have patience.

Thanks. If anyone has anything to add or remove, please PM me.

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