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Create your game on virtually any platform. Whether it be on desktop or mobile devices, 001 can port your game for users to enjoy on multiple types of platforms, whether it be an Android or PC device. Available to subscribers.

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Join a friendly community of people, who are willing to help with solutions you may require to scripting problems, play and give feedback on your games, and share ideas, resources, games and tutorials.

Your software is exactly what I needed. The kids feel like they have been set free. They used RPG Maker last year before I found you. Now they are so upset with me having them kill themselves using that Ruby scripting with the lame battle engine.

D. Michael Ploor, MBA
Career Academy of Computer Game Programming
Middleton High School, Tampa, FL, USA

While there are enough playgrounds for coders, as an artist you need to master both skills when it comes to a one man game development team ... unless you discover 001. It gives artists a complex tool which is easy to use. Scripting has never been more fun and flowgraphs help keeping the project organized.

Matthias Deinert

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